What Jewelry is Best For You?

by Roy Washington

Most women and men ask themselves this very question every day, what jewelry should I wear today?  Will this jewelry piece be the right one for me to wear? What kind of jewelry is best suited for my personality, for work, for fun, or for some, what's best for my pocket.  How to wear jewelry can be pretty tricky or confusing to many people.

Some jewelry aficionados or fashionistas have learned from friends, parents or they have just developed their own jewelry taste. Jewelry is very personal for most people and a reflection of their status and their well-being.  

Some wear their jewelry as a sign of freedom, love, for luck, for religious reasons, to remember a loved one, or just for joy. What's the jewelry that is best for you?  What jewelry is best for fashion and which is not? Read more to find out.

According to many, jewelry can change your appearance, enhance your wardrobe, and bring your best features to life. Jewelry can also make you more attractive by enhancing your best features. When wearing your jewelry that will draw attention to a particular area ensure that the area is groomed or well care.  The perfect jewelry match can create and make an ordinary looking outfit, into the best outfit ever.

Pay attention to what outfits you wear, colors, designs, seasonal, other, and try to match your wardrobe style with your new jewelry. Start looking for quality jewelry that won't harm your health with toxic metals and keep it to the basics.

Quality jewelry should be considered because your health and investment will pay in the long run and you do not want your family and kids to be exposed to such high levels of lead, cadmium, chromium and nickel found on most low-cost jewelry. Stay away from jewelry made in countries with high concentrations of pollution and a tracking record of using toxic metals. Never heard of that diamonds, gemstones, gold and silver jewelry was as cheap as of today. Watch out, if you see that looks too good to be true, that is most likely what you are getting for your money and not a legitimate product.

The value of a product regarding quality and cost should be of importance for every shopper or customer around the globe buying gold, silver or precious stones jewelry. You should be aware of as a client and able to know and pick the best value for your money, be a smart shopper.

For statement jewelry, don't use too much jewelry, for example, don't use big chandelier earrings with a huge three-layer necklaces and a huge ring; keep it simple or minimal, it is one or the other. The most important thing is to bring life to your outfits in real harmony with the occasion and your personality.



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